Mentorship Program

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Deadline to Apply: April 14,  2024 

The Texas Association of Chicanos of Higher Education) MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is now accepting applications for the 7th Cohort of Mentors, Mentees, and Professional Pairs until April 14th, 2024. If you're ready to elevate your career, contribute to the TACHE community, and grow both personally and professionally, this is your opportunity! 

Why you should apply:

📈 Professional Growth: Gain invaluable insights and guidance to help you excel in your career.

🌟 Leadership Development: Unlock your leadership potential with tailored mentorship.

💖 Personal Connection: Forge meaningful relationships with mentors who genuinely care about your success.

💼 Career Development: Receive personalized advice and support to navigate your career path.


TACHE Membership

Attend Mentorship Orientation

Participate in the Cohort Mid-point Check-In

Schedule Monthly Mentorship Meetings & Submit Reflections

Submit a Final Mentor Survey