Mission Statement & Goals


TACHE is a professional association committed to the improvement of educational and employment opportunities for Chicanos in higher education. TACHE shall contribute to this improvement in its fullest broadest implication.


The Association shall provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to Chicanos in Higher Education and to cooperate with other institutions/organizations in providing workable solutions to these issues by:

  • Educational Advocacy: To articulate educational problems, needs, and issues related to Chicanos in Higher Education

  • Networking: To engage actively in network-building with local, state, and national organizations for the purpose of securing changes in those laws and policies detrimental to our constituencies

  • Recruitment/Retention: To assist in establishing effective institutional programs to recruit and retain Chicano faculty, students, and professional staff in higher education

  • Cultural Promotion: To assist in the promotion of the history and culture of Chicanos for educational and public information purposes