Dear TACHE friends,

On behalf of the executive officers of the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education, we want to reassure you that despite the disruptions and uncertainties related to coronavirus (COVID-19), we stand with you during this difficult time as we experience unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives.

Throughout our history, our strength has come from our solidarity and the best way to overcome this current threat is to have a united front! Together, we will get through this. We must ensure that we are adhering to federal and state guidelines by engaging in sound health practices so that we may flatten the curve and do our part in putting an end to this pandemic.

As always, TACHE is here to represent you and your educational institution during this unusual time. It is important that we advocate for our students, faculty, and staff as higher education institutions move toward providing services remotely. I also call upon us to not forget to advocate and protect those most vulnerable in higher education: our custodians, groundkeepers, police officers and healthcare workers. These individuals are essential during these times and often, the most overlooked.

As we move forward, please do not hesitate to contact our TACHE headquarters if we can help in anyway. TACHE is here to advocate for our students, faculty, staff, and our most vulnerable essential staff regardless of their affiliation with our organization. Below are some resources that you may find helpful during this time of need.  Please share as needed: 

Daniel Villanueva's Signature

Daniel Villanueva, Jr. 

President, Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education 2020-2021 

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