Archive 2009

TACHE Board Minutes 10/24/2009Minutes
TACHE Board Minutes 06/26/2009 Minutes
TACHE Board Minutes 03/14/2009Minutes
TACHE Business Meeting 02/4/2009Minutes
TACHE Board Minutes 02/01/2009Minutes
Noticiario 12/01/2009Noticiario
Noticiario 04/01/2009Noticiario
Mercedes Olivera 10% Change 03/14/2009Other
Law Makers Grill UT 03/11/2009Other
House of Representatives03/10/2009Other
Top Ten Percent Plan03/10/2009Other
Texas Senate Committee Assignments03/10/2009Other
HACU 03/06/2009Other
Murdock 02/2/2009Other
Law Makers Grill UT 02/12/2009Other
HB3294 02/09/2009Other
HB3293 02/09/2009Other
HB3885 02/09/2009Other
HB3884 02/09/2009Other
Engineering Home02/08/2009Other
Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez 02/04/2009Other
Apodaca 02/03/2009Other
Apodaca Presentation 02/03/2009Other
Dr. Alejandra Rincon 02/03/2009Other
HACU 02/03/2009Other
Flores Bakke and State Policy 02/03/2009Other
Flores and Horn 02/03/2009Other
SACS 02/01/2009Other
TACHE Scholarship Donor List01/12/2009Other

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