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Reservations online at:  El Tropicano/TACHE  or call 210.223.9461 and mention TACHE 

El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel

110 Lexington Avenue, San Antonio, TX

Single/Double:  $99

Deadline: January 20, 2016.  Rate is NOT guaranteed after this date.

TACHE 41st Annual State Conference, San Antonio, TX

February 17-20, 2016

El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel
San Antonio, Texas

Latinos on the Rise:
Remembering our Past,
Leading Future

The definition of the Spanish word Adelante is forward, ahead, in front.  It may seem simplistic to the average person but for nuestra gente, Adelante carries the meaning of giving one’s children a good education, a step forward and above what we were able to achieve.  It is important to continue the work that others began many years ago, so that we can continue to move forward/Adelante with dedication, passion, enthusiasm and mucho orgullo.

I am proud to serve as your President-Elect and Chair of the 2016 TACHE conference.  In keeping with our theme of ¡Adelante! Latinos on the Rise: Remembering our Past, Leading our Future; it was only prudent to select the El Tropicano Hotel in San Antonio.  Forty-one years ago, El Tropicano Hotel hosted the founding conference for TACHE.  Since that time, TACHE has been on the forefront of providing opportunities for Latinos, whether in education or employment. 

This conference will remind you of the struggles of the past and introduce you to leaders of our future.  You will have the opportunity to build a stronger network and be able to collaborate and learn firsthand the skills you need to move Adelante regardless of your position in higher education.

I invite you to join us in beautiful San Antonio on February 17-20, 2016 for the 41st Annual TACHE Conference.  San Antonio is rich in history, heritage and culture. I promise time within the conference program, that will allow you to enjoy the sights and culture that San Antonio is known for.

On a personal note, I want to thank God first and foremost and my parents for not letting me forget my roots, my culture, and my civic responsibilities.  They encouraged my siblings and I to pursue an education, so that we could salir adelante!

With sincere respect,


Maria C. Aguirre
President-Elect, 2016 Conference Chair